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General English

About the course:

In General English you can improve your knowledge of everyday English and learn the language you need for socialising. You will also develop your comprehension skills and build your vocabulary. This thorough course will improve your general English, and throughout the course the instructor will teach you different aspects tested in the General English including language components (i.e., grammar and vocabulary) along with the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).

Our General English Language courses aim to help you rapidly improve your communication skills in everyday situations, with an emphasis on speaking skills.

Our General English courses are intended for students with an intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced level of English (CEFR B1/B2/C1).    

Our year-round courses will help you to achieve your academic, personal and professional goals.  Whether you want to take further studies, live in an English speaking country or improve your career opportunities, we have the right course for you. 

Course details:

Full time / Part time

10 to 20 hours per week

Course level

From intermediate to advanced level / CEFR B1/B2/C1 

Start date

As per time table

Maximum class

Maximum 15 students


As per time table

Course length

6 to 10 months


Certificate / Diploma

Suitable for

All students and professionals


Courses focus on:



writing skills

listening skills

speaking and fluency skills

expanding vocabulary and idioms  

Entry requirements:  You will be asked to take a pre-test / online interview to join these courses.

The courses are based on 15 lessons per week, including a 15 minute break.   We offer one day of free trial lessons.

Book your free trial lessons now: info@novatraining.org.uk

Academic Team

Our Academic team continually reviews the syllabus to ensure our lessons are fresh, modern and relevant to today’s international topics. In class we use the most recent up-to-date editions of textbooks by leading British academic publishers, while our teachers are experienced and very highly-qualified.

How you will learn

Lessons are conducted using our Communicative Learning Approach and delivered with the help of a wide range of lesson materials, modern teaching methodologies and technology to ensure that the learning experience is engaging and effective.

Our English language Courses are interactive, dynamic and have clear objectives that contribute to the learner’s progress and help to achieve individual learning goals.

Throughout the course learners will also maximize their ability to use all the English they know and implement it in their everyday life.

We offer a supportive multi-cultural environment for students of all levels. Whether one is just at the beginning of their learning experience or is well on their way to proficiency, our programmes will facilitate the learner’s progress and make the learner become more fluent and confident in English.

Progress and testing: 

Regular homework 

Follow your progress with weekly tests

Tutorials, one to one meetings with your teacher

Students' reports 

Certificate: at the end of the course you will receive an accredited Nova Training College certificate documenting your level of English and attendance. 

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